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Pat BenGuitar: TeamMember


Rock and Freakin' Roll

Pat BenGuitar was founded by two very sweet boys writing the rockenist of tunes! Patrick Coffin and Ben Farac first met on the mean streets of St. Joseph Catholic Elementary where they politely formed their manly bond. However, it wasn’t until high school during an odd faze of pinstripe suits and silly hats that these butch babies found their passion for making music together. 


From the legendary Joseph and the Mighty Happy Crew to sold-out shows at Watervliet’s very own Frosty Boy, these dapper dandies have been keeping the dream alive with rockin’ tunes and a positive ‘tude! Along with these beach bod beauties, the band includes Stu Eastman bangin' on his drums and Eric Hughes ticklin' the lead guitar. With your consent, these bodacious bombshells are going to rock you right out of your pants!

From the Cold | Pat BenGuitar | Mighty Happy Crew
The Coming Storm - Pat BenGuitar |Mighty Happy Crew
MHC - Higher than the Heavens - Pat BenGuitar

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