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Retro Synth-Saturation



TealMist is an auditory spray somewhere between medium blue-green and dark cyan, from which the human ear perceives what is generally described as the most invigorating and compelling musical experience that one's mind can feasibly comprehend.

Rhythmic drums laced with entrancing synthesizers captivate listeners, driving them to a new dimension where musical explosions of cosmic proportions tear them apart while simultaneously rebuilding them with greater strengths and keener perceptions.

In more common terms, TealMist is a mix of Synthwave, Progressive Rock, and many types of electronic-based styles. Classic synth sounds of the 70's and 80's, mixed with other aspects of the past, present, and future, lend themselves to a unique and evolving sound. Influences include Lazerhawk, Jean Michel Jarre, Toto, Vince DiCola, and way more than can reasonably be listed.

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