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the mighty happy

all of our projects. all in one place.

We have loved every second creating our client and internal projects.

These are all the works touched by a Mighty Happy Hand.

Think Too Much | Too Good To Be Troubadours
Optimize (Version 2.0) | [Revised Original Electronic Song With ROBOTS!]
Daft Punk Medley: Doin' It Right | Dapper Chaps
Black Sand - Too Good to be Troubadours|Mighty Happy Crew
Paint the Scene - Brothers of September|Mighty Happy Crew
Only For A Little While (Official Audio)
Fake Reality | TealMist & Carolee Beck (Official Audio)
"The Stereo-Type" - Original Synthwave Song (ft. Shavr)
I Don't Wanna Be Friends - Carolee Beck (Official Audio)
Down Below - Brothers of September
Carolee Beck | Want To, Need To, What To Do (Official Audio)
Danger Pudding | BütKrâq
To the Mountains - Carolee Beck (OFFICIAL AUDIO) | Mighty Happy Crew
Come Together - Beatles Cover|Big Ben and the Burly Boys|Mighty Happy Crew
"Quaint & Amusing" | FL 20 Q&A Song Production Tutorial Series 1 COMPLETED SONG | TealMist
Tonight! Tonight! - Joseph and the Mighty Happy Crew
I Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd Cover | Big Ben & the Burly Boys | Mighty Happy Crew
Home - Brothers of September | Mighty Happy Crew
Dust on the Bottle (David Lee Murphy cover) | Big Ben & the Burly Boys LIVE
Even-Tealed |TealMist | Mighty Happy Crew
Brothers of September Take on SXSW | A Mighty Happy Mini Documentary
From the Cold | Pat BenGuitar | Mighty Happy Crew
Axel F - Beverly Hills Cop Theme LIVE Looping Cover Harold Faltermeyer| TealMist | Mighty Happy Crew
Heart in Two - Too Good to be Troubadours|Mighty Happy Crew
Mighty Happy Amulet - IvaTunes | Mighty Happy Crew
Campfire Anthem (Only You Know) - Brothers of September
Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson X Alien Ant Farm X Barrel Organ Remix / Mash-Up / Drum Cover
"Keep It Teal!" - Original High-Octane Synthwave Song
"You've Got Yourself a TEAL!" - Scorchin' Hot Synthwave Song
The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson Smooth Rock Cover) - Big Ben & The Burly Boys
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